our service

The services provided by the Department of Lifelong Education include:

Enterprise Education and Training

Collaborating with businesses to promote and facilitate internal education and training programs, enhancing the skills of employees.

Government Commissioned Training

Seeking government resources to organize vocational training programs and professional development activities for working professionals and individuals in the business sector.

Credit Courses

Designing customized courses for private enterprises or government institutions to improve the qualifications of their workforce. These courses also offer opportunities for working professionals, industry professionals, government officials, and alumni to pursue further education, obtain degrees, and integrate government resources, thereby expanding the scope of academic-industry collaboration.

Language Training

In response to the trend of globalization, offering various foreign language training programs to align with international standards.

Community Services

Collaborating with government resources or proactively planning initiatives to meet the needs of the community, offering a wide range of courses in arts, health and leisure, and talents, providing opportunities for learners to grow and develop.

Certification Training

Keeping up with the trend of diverse certifications, offering guidance and courses in quality management, computer information systems, investment and finance, language proficiency, and other certification programs.