Mandarin Program

The integration of Chinese culture and traditions is a significant aspect of Mandarin learning programs at YZU.

As a result of immersive interactive teaching and theme introductions, vocabulary and communication skills are rapidly expanded.

Teachers with extensive academic experience adjust teaching materials and teaching methods according to each student's learning level.

Tuition fees include registration, ID card, teacher hourly fee, and teaching materials.




Tuition Fee

Class A1

  Pronunciation and phrases.

  Basic sentence structures.

  A daily expression of life, such as eating, dressing, and living.


(Mon., Wed., Fri.)

NTD 5400

Class A2



NTD 1800

Class A1 and A2 is Entry-level Mandarin courses.

Class B1

  Developing vocabulary and grammar skills

  Introducing yourself and others

  Information sharing about everyday life


(Tue., Thu., Sat.)

NTD 5600

Class B2



NTD 2000

Class B1 and B2 are intermediate-level courses.

Class C

  Combining grammar and vocabulary

  Applying real-life scenarios

  Developing skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing


(Mon., Wed., Fri.)

NTD 5800

Intermediate Mandarin speakers can enroll in higher intermediate courses.

Class D

  Ability to read and write a complete paragraph

  Communicating effectively at work

  Ability to ask and answer questions effectively


(Tue., Thu., Sat.)

NTD 6000

Those with higher intermediate level of Mandarin can take higher intermediate courses.

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